RD+ Functional Capability

RD+ Functional Capability

Client: Northrup Grumann/DLA DSCC
Task: The Learning Management System (LMS), a COTS software package, enables career management and web training portal for all DLA employees.  an RD+ application architect designed and deployed the custom modifications to require CAC certificates for user authentication and account mapping.  This system supports 25,000+ users.
Duration: 12 months
Team: 1 FTE

 Client: Northrup Grumann/DLA DSCC
Task: RD+ engineers spearheaded the effort at DLA to integrate an information exchange with the DoD DEERS system to pre-load the employee database in the Learning Management System with their CAC credentials.  This new interface resolved the need for end-users to enter any personal data for first time authentication.
Duration: 9 months
Team: 1 FTE

Client: Northrup Grumann/DLA DSCC
Task: The Long Term Contracts database was developed by RD+ for the DLA Columbus branch, and was later adapted for use at all DLA locations  This maintained item lists (NSNs) for each stage of a contract's life cycle: development, pre-solicitation, solicitation, award, and post-award.  All DLA sites were converted to use this centralized database, with end user training supported by RD+.  Subsequently, the application was migrated to the Business Systems Modernization (BSM) platform and reprogrammed as an SAP module.
Duration: 18 months
Team: 1 FTE

Client: Global Fortune 500 Company
Task: This international firm selected a seven (7) member senior level RD+ development team to replace an offshore staff of 55.  The RD+ team delivered a successful solution for 76% less than the incumbent's bid. This effort produced an Oracle based web portal for customer access, administration, and account management.
Duration: 11 months
Team: 7 FTE's

Client: Quest Communications
Task: A four (4) member expert RD+ infrastructure team designed, built, and ran the highly secure infrastructure for hosted web applications.  The customer base of this hosting environment includes the IRS, US Mint, and U.S. Treasury.  The RD+ innovative solution progressed from concept to operational in 180 days.  The RD+ design solution was further leveraged to expedite a $400M new business initiative to build global hosting data centers and services.
Duration: Two (2) years
Team: 5 FTE's

Client: J.P. Morgan Chase
Task: RD+ engineers led the Asset Center implementation which allows J.P. Morgan Case to monitor, manage, and secure 100,000+ IT assets worldwide.  Asset Center integrates the self-discovery of IT assets with business rules, permissions, and alerts and thereby supports the following:
   - Mitigation of security risk
   - Managing contracts, leases, and warranties
   - Optimizing hardware lifecycles
   - Enforcement of standards
Duration: Four (4) years
Team: 5 FTE's

Client: J.P. Morgan Chase (institutional trading group)
Task: Design, deploy, and manage a network to support institutional trading.Key Performance Requirements/Factors
   - Immediate, continous system availability
   - Absolute security
   - Restore capability with zero data loss
   - Accurate current documentation
   - Trade volume exceeded $1 Billion every 10 minutes
   - Comptroller of the Currency was in an audit role
Duration: Three (3) years
Team: 5 FTE's

Client: The Office of the Attorney General of Ohio
Task: Design, build, and deploy a new Production/Disaster Recovery environment for the management of $25 Billion in accounts receivable.  A three (3) member senior team from RD+ managed the design, upgrade, and migration of these highly customized, inter dependent systems used by thousands of individuals daily.
Duration: Three and a half (3.5) years
Team: 3 FTE's

Client: Crown Equipment Corporation
Task: Design, develop, and deploy a vehicle self-reporting application.  RD+ designed, built, and deployed a family of 18 interfaces/reports which generate real time status reports for trucks while they are in operation.  The creation of a development framework and automated tools were critical to the rapid delivery of this solution.
Duration: 90 days
Team: 1.2 FTE's

Client: InVentiv Health
An RD+ application architect designed and deployed a Web Based Inventory Control to provide command and control (C2) oversight of pharmaceutical field trials regulated by the FDA.  This work produced a web portal with inventory and process controls to facilitate field data entry with secure audit controls as required by the FDA.
6 months