About Us

R.DORSEY+COMPANY is a results-driven information technology consultancy. We improve complex enterprise systems by designing solutions that deliver distinctly better performance, functionality, scalability, security and cost savings. Our passion is to transform architectural insights into smartly engineered solutions. We partner with clients to deeply understand problems, anticipate future states and advance viable solutions that deliver technology results by design.

R.DORSEY+COMPANY solves mission critical problems; those tough chronic problems deeply embedded in the complex systems used by government and commercial enterprises alike. In a world of promising technology solutions, R.DORSEY+COMPANY delivers the results you want – tough problems solved.

Design Thinking & Analytical Roots
Joyce Dorsey (CEO) and Bob Dorsey (President), enjoyed successful careers as an Industrial Designer and a Statistical Analyst respectively before co-founding R.DORSEY+COMPANY in 1996. Their firm, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, attracts the best and brightest professionals to design, build and deliver the smart solutions and proven results trusted by their clients.


Start a Conversation
To start a conversation about how to get the technology results you want, contact Robert Dorsey, President at 614-486-8900 or email rjdorsey@dorseyplus.com.