Past Performance

Smart. Agile. Proven. Trusted.

R. DORSEY & COMPANY, INC. is a results-driven information technology consultancy. We improve complex enterprise systems by designing solutions that deliver distinctly better performance, functionality, scalability, security, and cost savings. Our passion is to transform architectural insights into smartly engineered solutions. We partner with clients to deeply understand problems, anticipate future states, and advance viable solutions that deliver technology results by design.

For over twenty-six years we’ve been solving mission critical problems; those tough chronic problems deeply embedded in the complex systems used by government and commercial enterprises alike. In a world of promising technology solutions, we’re committed to delivering the solution results you want – tough problems solved and mission accomplished.


Performance Portfolio

Project: The Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS OBILL ETL)
Client: United States Air Force, AFLCMC/HIK

Automated Project Order (APO)
Client: United States Air Force, AFLCMC/HIBK

Education and Training Management System (ETMS)
Client: United States Air Force, HQ AFMC/A1D

Project: Evidence Management Portal (EMP)
Client: United States Army, Criminal Investigations Command (USACIDC)

Solution Requirements and Deliverables

  1. Enterprise Transformation and Emerging Technologies
  2. Cloud Migration, Cloud Computing
  3. Data Lakes, Data Analytics, BI, Edge Computing
  4. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  5. Build Trusted Environments
  6. Enhanced Readiness with Distributed Workforce Dynamics:
  7. Operation, Enhancement, and Sustainment of Essential Legacy and Enterprise Systems

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