IT Governance

IT Governance Targets Value Beyond Sheer Compliance

Research conducted by MIT has found that "companies with better than average IT governance earn at least a 20 percent higher return on assets than organizations with weaker governance."("Recipe for Good Governance" by Jeanne Ross and Peter Weill, CIO Magazine, Vol. 17, No. 17, June 15, 2004.)

Successful compliance and control of your information technology systems is more than simply making sure that your network is secure and aligned with mandated governmental regulations.  Your compliance program should ensure that you're meeting regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis -- it should also target the "return on assets" value associated with IT governance.

IT governance is a framework that ensures that technology decisions are made in support of the business' goals and objectives.  It provides the critical checks and balances designed to better manage and mitigate risk, standardize practices, stream-line procedures, and strengthen returns on assets.

The R.DORSEY+COMPANY team has extensive experience in assisting organizations implement IT governance strategies that target value beyond sheer compliance.

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