Disaster Recovery

43% of businesses stayed closed after disaster.

A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin finds that 43% of U.S. businesses will not re-open after a disaster; 23% of those that do will close within 2 years.

The U.S. Department of Labor states that 93% of companies suffering data loss are out of business in 5 years.

Can your company recover from a physical or technical disaster? A virus attack or a corrupted database?

You can manage such risks with a disaster recovery plan.

We'll help you sleep better.

We helped a client make technology changes that significantly reduced business risks. The client later confided with us, "I sleep a little better at night now."

We can help you do the same. We believe that planning for the worst is better than hoping for the best.

Our experienced consultants can advise, lead, and manage your business continuity and disaster recovery planning efforts.

Contact us to start your disaster recovery planning.